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Want to become a member?

Want to become a Static Caravan Club member?

Being a member of the Static Caravan Club gives you exclusive access to an online chat forum where you can share news & views with other static caravanners. Member privileges also include discounts and benefits. Register online now to become a member.

About Us

Static Caravan Club

Welcome to the Static Caravan Club!

We aim to provide people who own static caravans, holiday in static caravans or simply have an interest in enjoying one of these pastimes, with an informative and friendly forum.

There are over 28,000 static caravans in Lincolnshire and this contributes to one of the biggest concentrations of static caravans in the world! Although based in Lincolnshire, the Static Caravan Club is open to members all over the UK.

The club is here to provide as many social and economic benefits to our members as possible; we don’t get involved in disputes, rules and regulations, although we will always try to offer good, honest advice.

The Static Caravan Club is continuously liaising with businesses, attractions and suppliers to offer the very best discounts and benefits for our members.

Our website offers members the opportunity to join discussion groups in out Chat forum, where other members and industry experts will be able to exchange ideas and information as well as news and gossip from your caravan parks.

We hope that static caravan parks and site operators may get involved, with features on their parks and the services they offer.

How can I get involved?

The Static Caravan Club would like member contributions in the form of pictures and stories about your experiences over the years, particularly where important lessons may be learnt for new users or simply if you have had a good experience that you would like to share with fellow members. We’d love you to share your experience of Static Caravanning on our members forum, or if you would like to have your story and images featured on our website please email

In addition, if you have got friends and family who own a static caravan or holiday in static caravans, please tell them about the Static Caravan Club and the benefits of being a member – word of mouth is invaluable to the success of our club. The more members, the better the discounts and benefits.

If you are a caravan site owner or service provider, you are welcome to become a member of the Static Caravan Club and if you are interested in offering exclusive benefits and services to our members please visit our Trade Info page.

How do I become a member?

Simply register online now for FREE!

For a limited period we are offering FREE online membership registration so you can start enjoying some of the benefits of being a Static Caravan Club member now, including exclusive access to our online forum.

Details on how to get full membership and access to all member benefits coming soon.

What are the benefits so far?

Besides the social benefits of being a member of the Static Caravan Club with our online forum where you can chat with fellow static caravanners, we are working very hard to achieve exclusive offers and discounts for our members. Whilst in the early stages of the club, many of these offers and discounts will be for use at local businesses on the Lincolnshire coast, we are aiming to achieve a number of offers that will be available nationwide.

As a member, you will also receive a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of benefits, news, and items of interest throughout the year.

We hope you would like to be part of our exciting new club, and look forward to welcoming you as a valued Static Caravan Club member.


Thank you for visiting!

The Static Caravan Club Team

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Contact Information

Address: The Static Caravan Club,
8 Woodland View, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5GD

Phone: 01790 753053