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Handy hints when buying a Static Caravan

Whether the idea of owning your own static caravan is a new one or you have already made the decision to buy your very own holiday home, there a few important things to consider to ensure you make the right choice. Whilst choosing a static caravan to spend your holidays in is an exciting time,  it is easy to get carried away! To help you get started, here are a few tips from the Static Caravan Club team to assist you in making the right choice.

How much do you want to spend?

Set yourself a budget, are you going to use savings or take advantage of finance options to buy your dream holiday home. Most Parks and Caravan sales companies will be able to offer finance subject to circumstances. It is better to decide early in the process the amount you want to spend before falling in love with a holiday home that may overstretch your finances. Remember to allow for extras such as steps or a verandah and there may be a set up or delivery fee.

Annual running costs

Once you have decided on your holiday home you will need to consider the yearly running costs, these will include, Pitch fees, possible management fees, Insurance, Gas and Electric. Also remember that setting up your new holiday home is like setting up a new house – you are going to need kitchen essentials, pots and pans Knives and forks down to a kettle and maybe a microwave. Bedding and a TV will all be on your shopping list so try to factor these costs into your budget.

How much room will you need?

Static caravans are available in a huge array of sizes with length and width options to accommodate just a couple up to large families. Decide on the number of bedrooms you will require and whether you will need more than one bathroom.  Depending on the park you choose, size options may be restricted but most new parks are designed to accommodate the largest of static caravans.

Which Park?

Spend time looking at parks in the area you like, better still book a holiday or a short break on the park to get a feel for the type of park you’ve chosen. Some parks have lots of amenities on site such as clubs or children’s activities, others are very simple and quiet but their location offers these facilities within the local area. You are making a significant purchase and it is important to make the right choice of park.

Consider how you are going to use your holiday home, if you are going to let your new caravan, ensure the park allows letting? If you are just going to use the caravan for your own use you may be happier on a non-letting park?

Are there facilities for disabled access if required? If you or members of your family and friends require disabled access or facilities will they be suitable on your chosen park. This is also an area to consider if you will be letting your caravan.

Travelling to your new holiday home

It is very easy to choose an area that you love to visit, but decide on how often you will be travelling to your caravan. If you intend to travel most weekends then you ideally want to be within a reasonable travelling time. Some people who maybe retired will travel to their holiday home and stay there for weeks on end, in this case travelling a little further is more practical.

How long will you keep your Static Caravan?

Some parks will have restrictions on the age of the holiday homes on their park, this should be quoted in the contract they issue to you on buying your caravan. When purchasing a second hand static Caravan this is very important as you will only have the number of years remaining from the date of manufacture so check these dates carefully.

Why are you buying a static caravan?

Most people decide to buy a static caravan to spend quality time escaping from the day to day life and views that they have at home; it’s a place to unwind and relax. You cannot use your holiday home all year round so it cannot be your main residence.

Your static caravan will depreciate over time so think about how long you intend to keep it, as with a car the trade in value is much better when the caravan is newer. If you are wishing to remain on the same park, consider upgrading your holiday home before it gets too old, to ensure a reasonable trade in value.

Enjoy your caravan and make memories, don’t expect it to be a long term investment.

Park rules, terms and conditions

Your chosen park will have its own rules, terms and conditions which you should make yourself aware of before deciding on the park. Some important things to consider are;

Does the park allow sub-letting?

Does the park welcome pets?

Are facilities on site discounted or free for residents or will you pay extra?

Are there parking restrictions?

Are their restrictions for having verandahs, storage boxes etc.?

What are the terms of your occupation of your caravan and how many years will your caravan be able to stay on the park?

Don’t be afraid to ask the Park Operator questions, it’s better than being disappointed once you have made your decision and signed your contract.

The Static Caravan Season

Static caravan parks have differing opening times, generally from March through October but with many being open for practically the entire year. Even if the park is open, some areas are very quiet during the winter months, so consider when you will want to use your new holiday home.

What if I want to sell my caravan?

If in the future you decide to move your caravan to another park or simply sell it, there may be restrictions commission and levy’s applied by the park operator. Find out the details early on to avoid any disputes that may occur should you contravene any restrictions that may be in your contract.


Now you have chosen your new static caravan, selected the park that’s right for you and your family, sit back and enjoy! Static caravanning is a great experience, your home away from home, somewhere to relax and unwind for as long or as little as you choose.



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